Haskel designs and manufactures gas boosters that are the industry benchmark for durability, safety and reliability. Ideal for a broad range of industrial gas services – including gas pressure increases, high-pressure gas transference, cylinder charging and scavenging – Haskel pneumatic-driven gas boosters are capable of producing pressures up to 39,000 PSI (2690 Bar). We work closely with customers to develop innovative solutions to their most critical challenges, backing every unit shipped with a global service and support network, as well as our decades of high-pressure expertise.


BuTech valves and systems are designed to deliver the longest life and most reliable performance for critical pressure control systems operating in severe environments. BuTech components are available in virtually any alloy and can handle pressures from vacuum to 150,000 PSI (10,340 Bar) and tempuratures from -432ºF (-253ºC) to over 1200ºF (649ºC).


For more than 50 years, Hartell has been supplying a full line of innovative, high quality Condensate, Wastewater, Ice Machine and General Purpose pumps and accessories to the HVAC, Plumbing and Refrigeration industries.  We design our pumps for fast and easy installation by our contractor customers. We make it easy to get in, get out, and get on with your next job!  Our objective is to provide a product that is easy to install, trouble-free to maintain and that eliminates the annoying callbacks.

Hartell makes life easier for our Wholesale Customers, too.  With short lead times and fast delivery on the products you need, we keep your inventories low.  We support your efforts both from the factory and through our network of independent sales representatives.

Our residential customers find Hartell condensate and wastewater pumps easy to install and extremely reliable.  Now there’s even more time to enjoy life!

pressure products

PPI – Pressure Products Industries –  sealless reciprocating diaphragm compressors deliver total assurance of non-contaminating gas compression. Boasting a leak-tight mechanism that features static seals which do not need to be purged or vented, these compressors present absolutely zero leakage threat to the atmosphere, providing an ideal solution for safely handling ultra-pure, corrosive and volatile gases. Additionally, these compressors are designed to isolate the process media from the piston and piston rings with a set of metallic diaphragms, thus eliminating the risk of cross contamination. Built to meet API 618 standards where applicable to diaphragm compressors, these machines are available in a variety of flexible configurations and sizes to make them easily customizable for the customer’s application of choice. PPI compressors are the reliability-focused solution for customers operating in the petrochemical, refining, electronic gas, specialty gas and polysilicon production industries.


This is our mission. It isn’t just a cool slogan or something an ad agency came up with. It’s our heart and soul. It’s the thread that runs through everything we do. It means that day in, day out, people are thinking, designing, building, and testing the products that make diving better. Our team doesn’t just use our products; they feel responsible for them.

Today, the people of Oceanic have created an innovative environment that our customers – each of you – can count on to offer the diving products and services you need and want at prices you are willing to pay… a company leading the dive industry into the future.

Our commitment does not end when you buy an Oceanic product. Long after the initial sale, we provide prompt and professional after-sales service to keep your gear working well and looking good… for a very long time.

There is no shortage of diving manufacturers that want your business. There is however, a shortage of manufacturers that wake up each day thinking of ways to better serve you. In fact, there’s just one.


In the 20 years since our founding, Atomic Aquatics is now a FULL-LINE manufacturer of products that are considered THE definitive leaders in each category. We did it one design at a time. One product at a time. One category at a time.

Every Atomic design is the result of gathering the most experienced, innovative diving industry professionals in a studio and breaking down every aspect of a product. Why does it exist? What should it do better? How can it be different? How will it improve the dive experience? “Atelier” is a fancy word for a design approach that nobody else even attempts. Everything starts with a sketch, then everything is questioned and re-examined. This advanced design and use of innovative materials wreaks havoc on traditional designs. We raise the bar with every new design.


Hollis manufactures dependable and innovative technical diving equipment for your personal exploration needs.

We bring engineering experience to the industry, designing the highest quality diving equipment available. Built to accommodate the beginning sport diver to the exploratory technical diver, using the most cutting edge materials and proven technologies for any condition.

Designed and Built with Pride in the USA


Zeagle BCDs have been known to last over 4,000 dives and it’s not uncommon to have a customer bring in their Zeagle BCD for service after 20 years. Dive after dive, year after year, Zeagle remains the name in dependability. It’s the way we do things, it’s the way we always will. Our manufacturing takes place in two, wholly owned facilities, with the latest manufacturing equipment. High quality, premium, durable materials are used in everything we do – from textiles to hardware. Our products are trusted by even the most demanding divers such as the US Navy for their submarine escape regulators.


Our in-house design team has been perfecting our fit for over 40 years. We approach everything from the explorer’s perspective, taking into account specific environmental conditions and body movements in all possible situations. Getting the right fit for your suit is absolutely vital to the safety, comfort, and overall success of your dive. That’s why we work tirelessly to develop suits that fit every diver. Our in-house design team has been perfecting our fit for over 40 years through advancements in the latest technologies, our own personal diving experiences, and our ambassadors; then combining this knowledge into suit construction.