Lab on Locale


At HP Plus, our laboratory set up is fully capable to conduct detailed analysis of your compressed air or breathing air.

We have following flexible options available to suit your needs:

  1. We can send you do-it-yourself kit for you to collect the sample.
  2. One of our on-road technician can come to you and collect the sample for you.

Once we have the sample, we analyse air in our laboratory and provide you full air quality report in accordance with relevant Australian standards within 24 hours.

We can analyse and certify to:

  • AS2568 (1991) – Purity of compressed medical breathing air
  • AS1715 – Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory device
  • AS2299 (2015) – Breathing air
  • AS2299 (2015) – EAN gas mix
  • AS2299 (2015) – Oxygen compatible air

Please call on of our friendly staff on 02 9896 0223 to organise your air quality analysis.