Pressure Vessels



The company VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s. produces wide range of high pressure seamless steel cylinders for transport and storage of industrial gases for use in industry, construction, healthcare, food and beverage technique, firefighting and breathing applications.

As the only one manufacturer in the world, we use a unique back extrusion technology for cylinders with the diameters up to 406 mm. We currently dispose of the fully automated and robotic technological equipment that enables us to produce world-class steel cylinders. We produce all the products on two technological lines (back extrusion method, production from tubes). Each year, we produce over 500,000 steel cylinders that we export all over the whole world. Thanks to advanced technology and qualified employees, we can offer our customers the widest range of products.

Our competitive edge are long-term experience and the ability to design a product tailored to customer requirements.

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> use for systems working with hydraulic pressure

> water capacity 0,5-200 liters, working pressure up to 500 bar

Water Capacity Outside Diameter Working Pressure
[L] [mm] [bar]
[0.5] [95] [400]
[1-5] [114] [330]
[4-10] [168] [330]
[10-54] [226] [330/400]
[10-50] [232] [500]
[60-130] [356] [330]
[160-200] [406] [330]


> use for storage and transport of hydrogen, technical gases, CNG

> water capacity up to 1 000 liters, working pressure up to 1 380 bar.

Water Capacity Outside Diameter Working Pressure
[L] [mm] [bar]
[0.5] [95] [250]
[1-5] [114] [250]
[4-10] [168] [250]
[20-75] [229] [360]
[20-50] [232] [500]
[120-200] [356] [200]
[320-530 ] [360] [250]

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VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s. is a manufacturer of steel grinding balls with a many years’ tradition. The grinding balls have been produced since 1954 when the production process based on press forging technology was initiated. In 1961 the product range was extended by rolled grinding balls. The grinding balls are produced by VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS using world-class equipment achieving high quality. In 1998 the entire production process was reequipped, heat treatment technology (quenching and tempering) was added and the product range was further extended.

The rolled and forged grinding balls are actually offered in the following nominal diameters:

16, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 mm.

The grinding balls manufactured by VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS satisfy the requirements of local as well as foreign customers from almost all over the world. The grinding balls are suitable for all applications in both wet and dry grinding. The typical application spheres include:

  • Mining industry – grinding of ores (iron, manganese, chromium, wolfram, molybdenum, copper, zinc, gold, uranium)
  • Building industry – grinding of sand and raw materials for cement (limestone) production
  • Power engineering – grinding of coal, blast furnace slag, etc.
  • Other – grinding of colour pigments, ceramic materials, etc.
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