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Applied Pyro-technology to Close Capability Gaps both in Military and Civil Applications

WesCom Defence is a world renowned specialist manufacturer of pyrotechnic products for the defence industry. Delivering advanced pyrotechnic technology for over five decades in Signalling and Illumination, Training and Simulation and Minefield Breaching Systems. WesCom also produces a range of state of the art gas pressure generators, both for civil and military applications.

Since the beginning, the company, which was founded on its present site in Bremerhaven, Germany has specialised in the broad spectrum of pyrotechnic products and services and this expertise continues to drive customer satisfaction as it has always done.

Using applied pyro-technology, paired with mechanical engineering, a fundamental knowledge of inner and outer ballistics and the chemical engineering of smoke, illuminating, effect, delay, propulsion and ejection compositions, the company has developed an extensive range of technologically advanced and innovative products. Considerable investment in the automation of pyrotechnic production enables the highest degree of quality assurance and reliability.

Our commitment to constant research and development, paired with our responsibility towards the environment, has and will continue to optimise the range of products and services that we offer.