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Military Pyrotechnics

Signals and Illumination

Communication between combat forces and battlefield reconnaissance at night is an essential element in operation. Our scope of products for signal and illumination provide effective means for said purpose.

WesCom Defence uses automated production techniques to ensure not only high cost effectiveness but also reliable quality products.

Reconnaissance of ground forces during night operations is a prerequisite. Parachute Illumination Cartridges/Rockets provide appropriate visibility during missions at night. Besides the illumination in the visual range, infra-red illumination flares enhance the capability of night vision goggles. Signal Flares in a variety of colors and configurations provide also an appropriate means of communication on the battle field.

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Battlefield Training and Simulation

Applied Pyro-Technology to modern Battlefield Training and Simulation provides realistic theatre of war scenarios and effective stress inoculation to the participants.

Tailored around our customers’ requirements the range of type-qualified pyrotechnic products for Training and Simulation enhances realism during tactical training of land forces.

The use of laser or radiofrequency-based training systems allows for very sophisticated weapon training. Visible and audible effects on the training ground are only achieved by applying pyrotechnic battle and     weapon effect systems.

Pyrotechnic effects support a variety of training scenarios such as IED Awareness, MOUT, Force on Force, Force on Target and MANPADS exercises. In combat training centers soldiers are prepared how to react in various combat situations.

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Minefield Breaching Systems

Unconventionally deployed mines, booby traps, unexploded ordnance, and man-made obstacles, such as triple barbed wires, are meant to stall military operations. The Portable Explosive Minefield Breaching Systems (PEMBS) are tailored around these threats and provide an effective means to safely eliminate them. PEMBS systems are also used for humanitarian demining.

Generally, a minefield creates an obstacle which will take out the momentum of movements of military forces. To maintain the advance of troops and not to reroute to a position favouring the enemy forces, a fast and effective way to overcome this hindrance is essential in combat.

The Portable Explosive Minefield Breaching System (PEMBS) offers a quick and effective way to safely eliminate deployed landmines as well as man-made obstacle such as triple barbed wires.

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Military Pyromechanics

Although in comparison a relatively small but nonetheless important product range has been developed and produced during the last 4 decades. Various civil industries use our customised products and technological solutions to close capability gaps. These are primarily remotely controlled gas-pressure generators to activate mechanical systems such as fire extinguishing systems, cable cutters and opening roofs. Mechanical and electric ignition systems provide a reliable means to ignite a variety of products including pyrotechnic compositions and the ignition of primary explosives. Smoke generators to measure the airflow and thus the effectiveness of air-conditioning systems is another area of expertise.

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